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Our consultation service is aimed at any practitioners or professionals in the healthcare and social services network, community or financial sector, who work with an older adult or an adult in a vulnerable situation and who suspects mistreatment.

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The mission of The Mistreatment Helpline is to establish and implement a national telephone line dedicated to listening, timely intervention, crisis management and specialized guidance regarding the mistreatment of older adults. 

In operation since October 1, 2010, The Mistreatment Helpline (formerly The Elder Mistreatment Helpline) is located at the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal and financed by the Secretariat aux Aînés. As part of the new 2022-2027 Government Action Plan, The Mistreatment Helpline is renewing its services for at least five years and expanding its mandate and partnerships, in order to continue to counter the mistreatment of older adults one call at a time.

Frequently Asked

Can I contact you even if I’m not sure whether it’s a situation of mistreatment?

Yes. If you see troubling signs, feel free to contact The Mistreatment Helpline at 1-888-489-2287 to talk about the situation.

What about the professional consulting service?

Since October 2010, the Mistreatment Helpline has offered a bilingual professional consultation service (French and English) in matters of mistreatment to people working with older adults or adults in vulnerable situations. The main objective of the consultation is to offer optimal support to the person who works with this clientele.

Who is the consultation service for?

This service is aimed at any person (worker or professional) who, in the course of their work, faces a situation of mistreatment towards an older adult or any adult in a situation of vulnerability, potential or proven. More specifically, it is aimed at the: Health and social services network - Community sector - Financial sector

What to expect after the consultation

Following a consultation, the person who has used the Line's service will feel better equipped to intervene with the targeted clientele as well as those around them, and understand their professional responsibilities, and thus will more easily manage the limits they face.

How to access the professional consultation service

You can access the Line’s consultation service by making an appointment online on our website lignemaltraitance.ca or by calling 1-888-489-2287

We are here for you, call us

If you feel ready, take the time to call us and share your experience so that we can offer you the best possible help to counter the mistreatment you are experiencing or have experienced.